NCCAR’s opinion piece entitled “Wind of Change in the Arab world’s ties to Canada” was published in Embassy yesterday.


“Something is happening in the Arab world that Canadians of all backgrounds are watching with intense interest. That the people of the Tunisia and Egypt have risen up in the hundreds of thousands to demand their rights as free citizens is a cause for hope.

They have done this in the face of overwhelming state resistance to change and at considerable personal risk. Hundreds have died, but this has not deterred the spontaneous mobilization…”

Embassy is Canada’s influential foreign policy newspaper. With a weekly readership of over 60,000 it is the forum for debate on international issues for politicians, foreign policy experts, diplomats, aid workers, the military, leaders in trade and business and immigrant communities in Canada.

NCCAR provides an opinion on the historic change happening in the Arab world today and on Canada and Canadian police regarding it. The published article written by NCCAR’s board members David Comerford, Rula Odeh and Doug Daniels can by found by clicking here. Subscription is required to access certain articles.