NCCAR Providing Commentary and Analysis during Federal Election campaign on Canadian Policy Related to the Arab World

The National Council on Canada-Arab Relations (NCCAR) is pleased to launch the following initiatives to educate and inform, in a non-partisan way, about important Canadian policy issues discussed during the 2015 Canadian federal election campaign.

  1. NCCAR’s Media and Policy Analysis team will be developing non-partisan, educational “Key Points and Backgrounders” accessible to the public on a series of topics such as Canadian policy on Syrian refugees, potential impact of security policies as well as foreign policy in the Middle East and the Arab Word. NCCAR will also provide its perspectives on these issues. These “Key Points and Backgrounders” are featured as part of Your Voice voter education campaign which NCCAR is a partner in along with the Canadian-Arab Institute.Key Points & Backgrounders
  2. NCCAR just launched its new magazine “Canada Elections: Middle East and Security Issues” focused on the political and media coverage that these topics are receiving – a great way to stay up-to-date during the election campaign!
  3. NCCAR will be hosting a series of webinars on Canadian policy impacting the peoples of the Arab World. These feature distinguished academics and experts as part of the Your Voice voter education campaign which NCCAR is a partner in along with the Canadian-Arab Institute. NCCAR-CAR webinar
  4. NCCAR is also pleased to refer the following experienced commentator who is available to offer her informed analyses on Canadian policy and practices that impact relations with the peoples of the Arab World during this election period.

Rula OdehRula Odeh, the Executive Director of the National Council on Canada-Arab Relations (NCCAR), has served on the NCCAR board for the past five years including as President in 2009-2010.

She has played a leadership role is in several organizations advocating for Canadian policies in the Middle East based on human rights, equality and freedom. Her interest in Canadian media’s representation of Canada’s foreign policy in the Middle East has resulted in a CBC Ombudsman review of a biased news report, several published opinion pieces in Canadian media and numerous appearances on TV and radio.


To schedule an interview with Rula Odeh, or submit questions, please phone or email :

National Council on Canada-Arab Relations