Owen Maxwell, Ottawa ON,
Carleton University

My time on Parliament Hill was an invaluable experience. From my first day there my view on the political process changed. Working in Peter Julian’s office with his team was the best possible experience I could’ve had, the people were all great, interesting and passionate people, who were a joy to be around every day of the internship.

The office work gave me a unique perspective on the load of work that an individual MP’s office has to deal with. Seeing Mr. Julian’s unique devotion to his job and tireless work ethic renewed a lot of my hope in politicians, as much of my time in journalism had left me cynical. In some of the talks I got to have with Mr. Julian, I gained a lot of insight on how he and his partners in the NDP use the media structure of Question Period to talk directly to voters, as well as how they’ve been tackling the modern political landscape. I also briefly met Mr. Mulcair and was able to see the kind and down-to-earth person he is.

Seeing Question Period from the inside was also a very interesting experience as the broadcasts really temper down the intensity in the actual room. I really appreciate the stress Mr. Julian and his partners go through in a day more.

Working with the other interns in our office was a great experience that I will never forget, we became a really efficient team, I look forward to working with them again and believe we will be friends for a long time.

All in all I found the experience to be one that will stay with me my whole life. In my journalism career, I now have a unique perspective compared to my peers and hope to apply this to my work. I also have a new passion for politics, that wasn’t burning nearly as brightly before my time in Parliament. This time has been some of the most fruitful of my life, my experiences make me want to return in the future and continue to learn and help make our country better.