NCCAR is pleased to sponsor an Ottawa round table discussion by Dialogue for Democracy on September 18th that will be moderated by new NCCAR board member Dr. Qais Ghanem.

Entitled “The Arab Spring and its Consequences”, it will feature Dr. Thaer Elrefai as lead speaker, with all participants sitting in a circle and encouraged to listen to our guest speaker and subsequently participate fully in the discussion.

Lead Speaker: Dr. Thaer Elrefai

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Thaer Elrefai was born in a Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon. Through hard work, he was placed on the honour list in high school and thus received one of the last scholarships granted by the Soviet Union. His medical school years traversed the turbulent times of perestroika , the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and the subsequent economic and political restructuring. On returning to Lebanon, he was denied medical jobs by discriminatory rules, but fortunately received a visa to the USA, from which he moved to Canada. He delivered pizza, and worked for the Toronto Star while studying to obtain Canadian medical accreditation. He is now a practicing physician in Ottawa, with a deep commitment to peace and to humanity.


Event Date and Location

Tuesday 18 Sept, 2012 ,  7 to 9 pm

MacKay United Church

39 Dufferin Road, Ottawa, ON K1M 2H3

(Beechwood area)


For more information: (613) 265-4654

Or (613) 739-2784